New Mitsubishi Outlander 2025 Release Date, Redesign, and Specs

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New Mitsubishi Outlander 2025 Release Date, Redesign, and Specs. The success of Outlander leads to the new generation for the 2024 period. However, Mitsubishi has additionally strategies, for this crossover et cetera of the lineup. Larger SUVs are absolutely what purchasers want to see. The focus is on the Mitsubishi Outlander 2025 PHEV version, greener, more effective, and reliable. In the future, the vehicle will certainly additionally get an all-electric version.

Details regarding the upcoming new generation are not revealed yet. Managers just verified the 4th collection of the only crossover SUV readily available in the US market. Outdoors North America, Mitsubishi is working on the exact same move for Pajero/Montero SUV. The Outlander is mosting likely to be brand-new for 2024, and the exact same styling as well as trim degrees will certainly be rollovered for the following period.

The only change we can expect on the Mitsubishi Outlander 2025 is an upgraded plug-in hybrid drivetrain. For the last couple of years, the carmaker was popular for it. As the greenest system, it is simply a step before the total electrification. However, the PHEV setup is also becoming a lot more effective.

New Mitsubishi Outlander 2025 Preview

Standing out in the crowded small three-row market sector is an uphill struggle, so the current Mitsubishi Outlander has a major difficulty on its hands. Good idea that it’s a lot far better than its predecessor, then, since it permits the fourth-generation model to have a much better chance of making an impression among some really skilled opponents. Significant competitors to the brand-new Mitsubishi Outlander 2025 consist of the Mazda CX-5 and also the Honda CR-V, both of which are more fun to drive as well as quicker in a straight line, although they lose out on the Outlander’s three-row seating setup.

New Mitsubishi Outlander 2025 Release Date, Redesign, and Specs

The Outlander does everything you would certainly expect from a vehicle in this market section, even if it does not master any type of certain area. Power is given by a brand-new, Nissan-sourced, 2.5-liter direct-injected four-cylinder engine creating 181 horsepower as well as 181 lb-ft. Efficiency is predictably as dull as you would certainly envision from such a configuration, yet there’s hope with the brand-new plug-in hybrid version, which has even more power at hand at 248 hp.

We cover the plug-in Mitsubishi Outlander in a different review, nevertheless. Fresher choices in the segment, like the Kia Sportage, have been swiping hearts, however, so exactly how noisally does the Outlander need to shout regarding its own merits to draw attention?

Mitsubishi Outlander 2025 Powertrains

The Mitsubishi Outlander 2025 will certainly keep the very same drivetrain lineup from its precursor, we are rather sure concerning that. A 2.4-liter four-pot engine is best for the compact crossover. Well, there is additionally a V6 if buyers wish to bring the power on. The base system is there for the much more fuel-friendly drive.

New Mitsubishi Outlander 2025 Release Date, Redesign, and Specs

A four-cylinder mill returns 25/30 mpg at this moment, and also the next-gen crossover will be lighter, enhancing the general mileage. Front-wheel drive is common and the system is good for 166 hp and also 165 lb-ft of torque. This is somewhat under the average for such a vehicle. Class-leading Honda CR-V makes 190 ponies, yet makes use of a turbocharged engine; Ford Escape is at 180 hp, while Toyota Rav4 goes over 200.

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So, if you require extra power, you will possibly pursue a V6. It is readily available just with the Outlander GT bundle. A 3.0-liter variation is not too large for the small class. 225 ponies are not extravagancy. On the other hand, it will make the trip much more attractive. All-wheel drive is common with this powerplant and the fuel intake jumps to 23 mpg combined. A six-speed automated transmission features paddle shifters.

2025 Mitsubishi Outlander Changes and also Redesign

Since the Mitsubishi Outlander was entirely redesigned for the 2025 model year, the primary version range proceeds the same for 2025. There is a new scandal sheet for the USA, nevertheless, named the 40th Anniversary Special Edition, which is only offered in black with a bronze roofing system and special 40th Anniversary Edition badges. It commemorates 40 years of Mitsubishi’s existence in North America.

New Mitsubishi Outlander 2025 Release Date, Redesign, and Specs

The enhancement of a plug-in hybrid is also a big deal to the new Mitsubishi Outlander SUV schedule, and with just under 250 horse power to play with, is an appealing factor to consider.

2025 Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-in Hybrid and EV

The Mitsubishi Outlander 2025 PHEV is returning, that is for certain. The portable crossover is mosting likely to be improved as well as the system is already called among the cleanest in the market. On the other hand, you are not obtaining added power, such as the brand-new Rav4 Prime is mosting likely to perform with 300 hp. Mitsubishi is looking to environment-friendly records and fuel economy.

On the other hand, the present outcome of 190 hp is ample for many needs and the new variation may make it over 200 horses. A 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine will be the center of the setup once again as well as the mixed fuel economy will certainly be closer to 30 mpg. The PHEV system also permits motorists to use electric batteries just. Outlander will certainly cover 30 miles prior to the following recharge, which will certainly take about 8 hrs for 0-100 percent.

2025 Outlander Exterior

You ‘d be forgiven for walking appropriate previous Outlanders of old – they were as forgettable as well as dull as a superhero motion picture sequel. The current auto is striking, yet the jury is still out on whether it’s quite. It has a bold front end with slim daytime running lights and LED daytime running lights, based greatly on the Mitsubishi Engelberg Tourer Concept. These slim lights aren’t the primary lights, nonetheless.

New Mitsubishi Outlander 2025 Release Date, Redesign, and Specs

In the beginning glance, you may miss the real headlights placed directly listed below. The rear is a little bit common, but the side account is area on. We such as the muscle lines as well as the drifting roofing design. The base version gets 18-inch alloy wheels, yet the 20-inch wheels on all higher-trim models do a better work filling up the arches. The SE and also SEL obtain roofing system rails, however only select designs get a breathtaking sunroof as standard. Black Edition models have blacked-out exterior accents, and the 40th Anniversary has a model-specific paint scheme and two-tone wheels.


The general length of the Outlander is 185.4 inches and it rides on a 106.5-inch wheelbase – the same as that of the Nissan Rogue, with which it shares bases. Overall size with the mirrors consisted of is 84.4 inches, decreasing to 74.7 with the mirrors folded in. The base ES stands 68.7 inches tall, while the higher trim versions are 0.1 inches taller. Ground clearance is ranked at 8.3 inches for the SE, boosting 0.1 inches on the remainder of the lineup. The Outlander shares its wheelbase with the Rogue, the height, size, as well as overall size figures are larger than the Nissan.

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The ES is the lightest version, weighing in at 3,593 pounds. Top-end autos with all-wheel-drive are the heftiest versions, with visual weight peaking over 3,800 pounds.

New Mitsubishi Outlander 2025 Release Date, Redesign, and Specs

2025 Mitsubishi Outlander Interior

There are many shared parts in between the Nissan Rogue as well as the Outlander, yet there’s enough difference to offer each vehicle its unique feel. This is badge design done right. Mitsubishi’s interior has an attractive minimal motif, yet that’s just half the tale. The interior top quality has actually been ramped up dramatically in the most up to date models, as well as although the variety of furniture options isn’t specifically charitable, it seems like high quality.

A lot more than that, you can tell somebody with a family members was involved in the interior design. Every seat gets its mobile phone owner, and all designs get a digital instrument collection. It’s the tiny details like this that can make or damage a vehicle, and we admire Mitsubishi’s interest to detail.

Seating and Interior Space

Besides the Volkswagen Tiguan, the Mitsubishi Outlander is the only compact crossover to supply seating for 7 guests with a third-row, albeit a small one. Mitsubishi in some way took care of to press even more legroom into the Outlander’s two front rows, with 81.6 inches of mixed legroom to the Rogue’s even 80 inches. These figures are split 41.7 inches in the front as well as 39.9 inches in the rear, meaning back and front seat bikers both have plenty of area. The same can’t be claimed for the third row, which just provides 18.7 inches of legroom. Just really young kids will fit back there comfortably, so the 3rd row is ideal reserved for fast trips over really short ranges.

New Mitsubishi Outlander 2025 Release Date, Redesign, and Specs

Mitsubishi Outlander 2025 Sport

Outlander is one of the rare small crossovers with a three-row setup. It is a little bit tight, yet there is area for 7 seats. This option is not readily available if you choose PHEV. The Outlander Sport is a five-seater only. This is an entirely different vehicle. A subcompact crossover shares the name with its popular sibling. A 2.4-liter engine is available for the GT version, while the base configuration consists of a 145 hp rated 2.0-liter device. It is likewise smaller sized, extra efficient, as well as dexterous crossover, perfect for urban travelling.

Mitsubishi Outlander 2025 Release Date

The Mitsubishi Outlander 2025 will certainly be below someplace in 2024. The brand-new generation of the small crossover is confirmed (source CarBuzz), yet any kind of details concerning the redesign have not dripped. We are waiting excitedly for the fourth-gen Outlander. The firm will certainly leave a few updates for the adhering to period. That will certainly include the PHEV setup and probably the GT version, or some other performance-oriented model.

An additional advantage regarding the crossover was its price. When you are acquiring the ES bundle, the existing edition starts at $23,600. Four-wheel drive will certainly cost you $1,500 as well as top of the class design with a four-cylinder engine is SE. The GT will be closer to $30,000 and also the plug-in hybrid will certainly still be the most costly deal in the lineup, with the price tag above $35,000. It is still less costly than Toyota Rav4 Prime. One more Japanese PHEV crossover will cost over $40,000 as well as we expect the very same relocation and also the very same price from Ford as well as its Escape.

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What’s the Price of the Mitsubishi Outlander 2025?

The price of the Mitsubishi Outlander is affordable for the United States small section. The base ES design has an MSRP of $27,595, although selecting the all-wheel-drive variation will up this to $29,395.

A step up to the SE will certainly cost you $30,645 with an added $1,800 for AWD. The lower-rung SE Black Edition begins at $31,845 in 2WD arrangement and also $33,645 for the AWD variant. In the middle of the range, the SEL goes with $34,145; add $1,800 for AWD if you want the SEL with far better grip.

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SEL Black Edition models in 2WD and also AWD spec cost $35,595 and also $37,395, respectively. And peaking the range is the 40th Anniversary all-wheel-drive-only scandal sheet that retails for $39,995. Normally, adding the Technology or Premium bundles will see these prices rise considerably. All priced estimate Mitsubishi Outlander prices for 2025 omit the handling and also destination fee of $1,345.

Verdict: Is The Mitsubishi Outlander 2025 A Good SUV?

The Mitsubishi Outlander 2025 is a good SUV, avoided being terrific therefore its soul-destroying drivetrain. Besides a lack of legroom in the third row, which isn’t unusual in three-row small SUVs, the Outlander has a lot of room, an agreeable interior rendered in good-quality materials, a lot of typical features, as well as an extremely comfy flight quality.

If these elements are necessary to you as well as you don’t mind its lame engine as well as transmission, the Outlander will certainly satisfy your assumptions and perhaps also surprise you with a cool feature from time to time. If a lively engine is a top priority, though, you would certainly be better served with one of the Outlander’s rivals or the plug-in hybrid version, although the latter expenses quite a bit much more.